Its all random feeling

The trees seems to pass away like green glipmse of green lit colour.those random light of the cigar makes me hopeful of some light in universe whether be good or bad as nothing is perfect… The song is on don’t you need somebody baby m at ur door… Ur love can’t let me.. to keep all night long… When it turns from light to dark the universe’s Rule to turn down the day to some difference of light but no matter the bad or baddest thing it’s just the mode to know urself under ur soul…that perfect mate, partner u meet who makes everything that u dream possible feels like heaven no matter what u feel with that (my love) perfect person but it creates hopes and hopes. Invisible care that he has towards me Is so loving to me throws a feathered arrow at me straight to my ๐Ÿ’“he is a divine soul to me, soul has a lot more meaning. Soul is iternal to touch the no end,infinite.dreams are what when you dream something unimaginary to be at a state of content of achieved what u dreamt of but still leaves a some kind of expectation to be extreme human to rule the world as it is never is a human satisfied when that person has everything expect a simple calm life that’s what it is to respect the start and the end because life revolves around the start and the the end u have to again start to end hahahahaha strange right but live in what u want really don’t live under a shadow of loads live the way u want as it’s ur life at the end and start nobody in this world has known the start or end it’s just the state of mind to describe things or imagine things. People are so tinted not actual them.wannabe the star on the Earth to be the only one to spark.M me n no1 m me the original to my love till the last breath.Freedom is dancing at the edge of the cliff no matter what u know it’s all to be free whether it be land or in swinging divine middle edge of sky u know ur free to do what ur heart feels. A life omg it has a real big meaning as it all depends on each other but a single soul also has it’s own divine reach to be oneself.every soul has their unique story which nobody can judge to be correct or wrong. Nothing in this world is right or wrong because of different perception of sight towards life. It’s all at last happiness that matters whatever it be u need to be happy. Happiness come from no regret n no expectation. But expect to be a glory to shine somewhere at the other Neva let the hardwork been not in use. Believe in u rather than in fate.Nobody can believe what ur only u know urself the best than anyone else.